Physical Intervention Training Specialists

We deliver physical intervention training, PMVA and Safer Restraint, positive Handling to a wide range of schools, residential care homes, community organisations and private clients. 

We train those who deal with challenging behaviour so that they are better equipped to handle and minimise risk in confrontational situations.


No Fear Ltd are a specialist training company that aims to help keep people, families, organisations and society safe; safe from injury, harm, death and criminal and civil prosecution.


Through proper knowledge and training, we believe we can equip people to handle confrontational situations better. We hope that through this knowledge and training, we can help people, so that they can act in a more professional and competent way for a better outcome.


The sole use for any Physical Intervention or Restraint is to prevent a greater harm from occurring. All our training is subject to rigorous medical, technical, Legal and Health and Safety audits by experts. Our training is fully accredited and legally compliant.

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