Self Defence Training From NoFear Ltd

Personal Self Defence leading up to Close Quarter Combat training from Breakaway to more advanced techniques Training from NoFear Ltd

Self defence (Non-Martial Arts) and personal security and Close Quarter Combat training

NoFear Ltd offers self defence training for all ages and abilities. In today’s society, the ability to be able to deal with an aggressor confidently and effectively whilst understanding the law with respect to self defence can be an important skill to have.
This self defence course is run by instructors who have worked in high conflict environments and consists of techniques to deal with aggressors confidently. Techniques are practised on instructors to give students a realistic idea of applying techniques. Role-play scenarios are incorporated to ensure students feel confident when dealing with conflict situations.
This course also covers details of the law concerning self defence and discusses what is meant by reasonable force.
We understand that people have busy lives and have limited time to attend and training, therefore courses are offered to suit individuals, evenings, weekends or daytime, (one to one training is available). Courses vary in duration from three hours to five days.

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