De-escalation & Conflict Management

We offer affordable and ethical training tailored specifically for your sector by our experienced trainers

We deliver physical intervention training to a wide range of schools, residential care homes, community organisations and private clients. 

We train those who deal with challenging behaviour so that they are better equipped to handle and minimise risk in confrontational situations.

“Nearly half of new teachers do not feel equipped to deal with violence in the classroom.”
“More than 1,700 staff in UK schools accused of misbehaviour by parents or pupils last year.”
BBC News

“I learned more on the 1 Day course than I have from anyone else in the last 12 years”
“…invaluable information, great instructors- thanks!”
“..instructors were very approachable, made a BIG difference, thanks!”
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Our Courses

The sole use for any Physical Intervention or Restraint is to prevent a greater harm from occurring, a belief supported by Law and the Statutory Bodies. All our training is subject to rigorous medicaltechnical, Legal and Health and Safety audits by experts. We offer affordable and ethical training tailored specifically for your sector by our experienced trainers. Our training is fully accredited and legally compliant.
Courses for:
School, Teachers, Academies, Education
Care Homes, Carers, NHS, Special Needs
Retails Staff Shops Receptions
Security, Door Supervisors, Event Covers
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Can you handle a difficult or aggressive person in a safe and legal manner, our trainers can equip you with the relevant information and training to deal with situations at every stage of the conflict.
Training is the first step in improving the safety of your staff and helps you comply with legislation – reducing your liability – in a range of areas such as workplace violence training, Physical Intervention training, Restraint & Breakaway Techniques, Security, Education or Care sectors.
The Conflict Management training course is an introductory level course for anyone working with the general public who may find themselves in potential situations of conflict. This course addresses these issues and will show you step by step guide how to handle conflict and aggression in the most effective way.The Conflict Management training is a one day duration course and on completion all delegates receive a Certificate in Conflict Management certificated by NoFear Ltd.
Learn more about the Basic Law surrounding physical intervention and restraint techniques.

1 Day Physical Intervention in Schools and Education

1 Day course for all teachers and education staff in schools, academies or elsewhere.

The Main Aims of the Course:
Learn how to:
– defuse and de-escalate incidents.
– physically intervene with pupils, using legally audited, safe techniques.
– avoid accusations of misconduct.

The aim of this course is to instruct attendees in the underpinning legal knowledge, conflict management skills, and intervention techniques necessary to enable them to be able to safely manage aggression and physical intervention in schools.

2 Day Physical Restraint (Care & Control) for staff working with Children, Young People, and Vulnerable Adults

2 Day course for staff working with Children, Young People, the Elderly, and Vulnerable Adults.

The Main Aims of the Course:
Learn safe, non-harmful, legally audited restraint techniques for use the children and vulnerable service users.

The BTEC Level 2 Intermediate Award in Physical Restraint Practice (Care & Control) has been specifically written for Care Staff and Education Staff to achieve a Nationally Recognised Level 2 vocationally specific qualification on the knowledge, understanding and skills learners need to undertake appropriate and effective physical restraint to an intermediate standard.

3 Day Physical Intervention, Disengagement, and Conflict Management for Public Sector Staff

3 Day course for anyone who may be at risk of physical assault whilst undertaking their employed duties.

The Main Aims of the Course:
Learn conflict management and safety skills that allow staff to avoid and defuse aggressive situations.

Learn disengagement skills that allow staff to safely escape from an aggressive customer or member of the public.

The aim of this course is to instruct staff in customer facing roles, who may be exposed to the risk of physical violence at work, in the underpinning legal knowledge and physical skills necessary to enable them to be able to avoid, defuse, and escape from a physical assault at work or otherwise.

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